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I've been looking for a 50"+ plus television for a while now and cant really decide on what would be the best choice for my needs. I have had my eye on a 55" 1080p/120hz Vizio LCD (E550VL) for 998$ or the E470VL LCD for 698$ but am concerned about gaming lag with HDMI. Everyone knocks Vizio because it isn't a popular brand but I have friends who own Vizio's and the HD picture is incredible it almost looks 3D. Plasmas are considerably cheaper but I am reluctant to buy one because I only have expiernece with LCD's.

So heres my question. When it comes to watching movies in HD and playing FPS on xbox how do plasmas compare to LCD's? Is there any screen lag? Will the picture on a 1080p plasma blow me away like a 120hz LCD?

My budget is anywhere between 700-1000$. If you would recomend that i buy a plasma over the LCD's above please provide a model number so I can look at reviews. Thanks!
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