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Hello Guys,

Im reposting here since my first post about this just didnt appear in the forum.

Im about to buy a BENQ MW-519 DLP projector right away.

Can someone offer their experiences with this PJ.

I have an Optoma HD70 with which im extremely satisfied in terms of


2.Picture Quality

3.Color Qulaity


The reason im stating this is so that you know what level im satisfied with.

How would the MW-519 fare in these factors. Would it at least match upto my HD-70 in terms of the above 4 points.

Im going to the 519 only for its additional brightness and i guess the 1 billion colors as opposed to to the 16 million colors would make a difference along with the new 13000:1 contrast ratio ?

Would this be better than my HD70. ON paper it is. But in the real world ?

Theres hardly any reviews on the product. My usage will be only for work.

All my viewers will be at a 12' minimum distance away from the screen. There will be about 100 people viewing the screen from 12' onwards to maybe 30-40' away. Thats where the additional brightness would count. The PJ will be used occasionally, only 3 days every month.

Ill decommision the HD70 and use it for home viewing from maybe a blueray player.

Id love to hear from all of you who can help guide me make the right choice.

My budget matches the 519 hence im opting for it. I cant believe i paid double this ones price for my Optoma HD-70 and it has done only 150 hrs from when i got it brand new. Has fungus on the lens already and a board loose connection (throws thin vertical black lines on the image) that needs me to open the PJ and press on it hard to get it to connect correctly. Sometimes pressing on the outer upper body corrects the situation but then it returns. Just a simple stupid loose connectivity but it will sure put me out of work. That much for Optomas quality within 150 hrs. Ill never buy an Optoma again.
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