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buying crt

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has anyone had a first hand experince ,buying crt proj from hammerhead tech? i believe they are located in ca? appreciate any thought s or pm.

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I haven't purchased from them, but I've spoken to many on this forum who have and have and have had good results and service if there's a problem.

If you're in the market there are atleast four guys on this board who regularly sell on ebay and other methods and also have excellent records for backing up their sales and service. Curt Palme is probably the busiest, and you'll see him and Projection Systems, and Hammerhead and others.

Curt has a list he sends out regularly with prices even a little better than what he lists on ebay for, so you may want to get on the list for that.

Also get in touch with Chuchuf (Terry) on this forum, he's got a run of low hour NEC XG110LC's, many consider this the best 8" pj there is (myself included)

He's in Atlanta, so you could even go pick one out.
I just purchased a NEC 6pg from them a couple of weeks ago. I was very pleased with the projector and the service.
I would second the recommendation to talk with Terry. I just purchased one of the NEC XG110LC's from him and I'm incredibly happy with the projector. Terry is fabulous to deal with, and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the high end NEC and Sony CRT Projectors.

Good luck on your search.
I've not only bought from Hammerhead, I've visited their shop. (I only live a couple of hours drive from them.) Its kind of a family-run operation. The owner, Darrell, is retired from the military, quite personable, knowledgeable in electronics, and seems dedicated to customer satisfaction. I know of at least two times he's lost money on a deal making sure everything was OK. I'd certainly recommend them.
I can also recommend Darrell from Hammerhead. He just retubed my BG1209 with VDC rebuilt tubes. He fussed with this projector many more hours than I actually paid him for I'm sure. When the green tube came back bad the first go-round he pulled it out and sent it back to VDC and put it back in after the second rebuild. This is a guy who takes pride in his work. I'd buy a projector from him no problem.

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