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Hello all I am new to the forums but have read various posts that came up in google searches over the years and I have realized this community has a lot of knowledgeable members. So I come here for advice on a tv.

Ever since seeing my first imax movie a long time ago I have just loved good quality and large sized movies. Over the past few years on a few occasions I have had the chance to watch blu ray movies on decent tv's (nothing really top of the line but nicer 1080p screens) with surround sound at friends / family house. Every time I want a home theater setup more and more.

My house tv is a laughable 720 22" tv from walmart, I watch my blu rays on my 24" 1080p monitor.

Now to my point... I am moving out for college this fall semester and the first thing I am worried about for my apartment is a tv. I have decided on plasma because I will be able to make it as dark as I want so im not worried about washing from light or reflections. I also want a smooth high refresh rate for games and all the racing I watch. I also never really watched a plasmas and really want to try one out to see the darker blacks.

What are your thoughts on these models:

samsung PN51D530A3


panasonic TC-P46S30


I am thinking the D550c1 is the best bang for the buck as it is 3d and the advanced pq settings can be changed to make closer to the higher end samsung panels.

I know price is not to be talked about on these forums but I am a college student and have a budget and will be sticking with what ever tv I buy for awhile. The people on these forums know a lot more than I do so I come here for your advise. Is there any other tv's in this class of entry level plasmas that I should take a look at? The picture quality does not have to be perfect, I understand I can not obtain a tv on that level, I just want to make sure I dont get something with a sub par picture.

Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

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Look into the Panasonic ST30 series instead - it's a lot better than the models you listed and is only a little bit more than an S30, and comes in a 46" size.
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