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Buying from Online Stores

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If I look at Amazon's site, I can buy the Sony SXRD XBR2 60" tv for under $3,000 which is substantially lower than the prices that stores are selling them for ($3,400 to $3,600). Also this is lower than some of the online stores.

Why is the Amazon price that low, is it not an authorized dealer, does buying from Amazon mean there are related warranty and service issues?

Obviously it would be easier to replace a defective product from a local store, but what other disadvantages would there be from buying from Amazon or other online resource?

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They are an authorized dealer.

Check out: http://direct.where2getit.com/sony/# and then click on "Click here to see a list of Authorized Online Dealers" ... Amazon is on there.

Why they're so cheap? Dunno. But... if you do decide to buy from them, you could help out a friend of mine, and access Amazon via her Chicago Chamber Choir link and have part of your purchase go to support the Choir at no cost to you ( http://www.chicagochamberchoir.org/4-support.html ).
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Online stores are less expensive since they don't have to pay high rent or salespeople salaries/commissions (rent is less for a wharehouse in the middle of nowhere than for prime realestate in a mall). The flip side is that you usually get worse service (especially for a large display) than with a local store -- it's generally easier managing returns and repairs through a local store.
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