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Buying my first HTPC

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I’m about to get myself a HTPC, but would like to have some opinions on the parts before using the money… 

The HTPC will be used with Panasonic AE300 (DVD, WMVHD etc. with ffdshow) and with ordinary TV / amp for everyday use (TV, pics, radio etc.).

The HTPC needs to be quiet (shouldn’t be more noisy than the panny (28 db)) because it is going to be placed in the living room.

Below you see the components I have in mind

Housing: LASCALA LC10M

PSU: Chill-I CP400PV2

Motherboard: MSI K8N-NEO4-Platinium/54g

CPU: AMD Athlon64, 3200+

CPU cooler: Zalman 7700-ALCU (will this fit in the LC10M?)


RAM: Dane-El, Dual channel 2x512

HDD: Seagate 250 GB

DVD+RW: NEC 3520

I didn’t include keyboard and mouse (will use some old parts), sound card (later) and Tuner card (have one PVR-250)

All in all it is a little pricy – is it total overkill?

I would appricialte suggestions and/or expirience with the different parts

Looking forward to your comments


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Looks good! Its a lot like mine, and I'm happy with it.
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