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Last year for Fathers Day I bought my dad a Yamaha HT-5950 to go with his old Cerwin Vega speakers that he bought over a decade ago.

Original post being here.

So hes now happily using the HT5950 and his old speakers with the XM radio attachment I also bought him.

Its now 2007, and this year I want to add a sub to his setup.

I was pointed towards the SVS PB10-NSB over a year ago by a gentleman from another forum.

I did a little bit of reading on "HSU" subs and some reviews on the SVS and I think I'm still leaning towards going through with the sub suggestion I have.

I'm thinking I'd like a sub that hits a little lower than a 10inch will though, so the "new" PB12-NSB is my main pick.

Does anyone have any comments and/or suggestions here?

I figure most subs under $1500, and within a few hundred bucks wont have a night and day difference anyway.. and the SVS sound like they have great bang for buck.

I'd like to stick to $599 and below. I'm a university student (but a last-semester one with a decent part-time job), so price matters.

Something that hits nice and low like a 12".. but also has "speed".

Once upon a time I had two 10" SAS Bazooka tubes (among other equipment
) in an extended cab pickup and those had nice speed and kick. I noticed SVS also has home tubes.

I've read complaints on the SVS PB12-NSBs "speed".

So I was wondering if the PB10-NSB has near the same depth and range, but has that punchy- more midbass then maybe that is the way to go? Regardless of being smaller and cheaper?

Also, buying American.. if not American made, at least an American headquartered company if possible is probably 50% of a deciding factor for me. If two products are in the same ball park at all, and the American one only a little worse.. I'll still pick it. You have to truley blow away the American products to get me to buy otherwise. Most of the time with electronics, the decision is moot anyway since almost all of them are japanese owned. Just something I should note as it matters to both my dad and I.

Thanks for reading! Its for a good cause!

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The svs pb12 nsd is a wonderful performer for $599--no doubt about it and I am sure you will like it. The 10 will have a similar sound, similar depth, just not have quite the headroom as the larger 12. If you have the money, the 12 would be my choice. it can work much less hard to produce the same level of output as the 10-thus it will be cleaner and more accurate.

THe one thing I would take notice with is your comment that there won't be a night and day difference between subs under $1500. That isn't necissarily the case. There are some vastly different performing subs in this range.

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1 vote for the PB12!

Ah Saint Louis! I just had an interview with a company from STL this past week. Met with the vice president, theyve asked me come down and meet everyone and HR.. but I think I'm going to decline.

Besides the CW speakers, the Yamaha reciever and the XM radio antennae.. I bought my parents this Sony CD changer for Christmas.

Its shaping up to a decent sounding budget setup..

even though I have a partially formed opinion on what I'm getting, please.. comment.. I'm unbiased on brand and models at this point!

Comments on the $599 Tube from SVS would also be appreciated
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