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BW 805 vs. 705

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Hey all,

I will be listening to the 705's and 805's later this week for a new 5.1 setup I am hoping to create...

While I know my ears/room will tell the story, I am curious on other opinions cuz I have come to really value the opinions on this site.

Can anyone comment on the differences between the two?
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Technically I should not respond to this thread because I have not heard the 705s. I have auditioned the 703s and the 805s both hooked up to McIntosh electronics and Rotel electronics. I've also heard the 703s hooked up to a Denon receiver (dont remember which) and here are my 0.02:

The 703s sounded really nice (one of my favorite B & Ws) overall but the 805s hit the high notes really well. The 805s do have the highly regarded tweeter of the Nautilii series and paired with a good subwoofer and appropriate electronics would be a great choice (especially since 2 805s are cheaper than 2 703s by one grand). Now, the 705s are cheaper than the 805s (but not by much, approx 25%) and I have not heard them. Therefore, even after this long email, my recommendation as always is listen to them yourself especially in an A/B setup if possible.

The 705's will be more forgiving if you dont have a decent front end system and power.
Even though I do not own 705s and 805s, I did listen to them at the B&W dealer recently. I thought that the 705s actually sounded better than the 805s, at least for the material I was listening to, which was mostly classical music and acoustic jazz. I only spent about 15 minutes comparing the 705/805, since I was there primarily to audition the 601/602 series (which are the B&W models that fit my budget), but I would most likely go for the 705s instead of 805s if I had to make a choice.
I listened to both the 805's and 705's prior to making my decision.

The 805's were great across the board. However, the metal dome tweeters were a bit bracing at times.

The 705's (much more in my price range) were good, but a bit too forward. Furthermore, they seemed completely lacking in bass compared to the 805's.

So my decision....................... dynaudio 52 se's. Really, if you can, give them a listen before you buy. If you haven't established whether you prefer metal or soft tweeters, you should before dropping the bucks. The 52 se's are great (IMO) for the price range. They can be had for 90% of the cost of 705's.

Just my 2 cents. Happy shopping.

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I like the 805's much more than the 705's. I'm not going to tell you why because I don't want to influence your decision any more than I already have by inserting preconceived notions when you do your own demo. In other words, if I tell you what to look for, your subconscious will have made the decision for you before you hear one note. I'm not being egotistical here...this is just the way the brain works, for all of us.

I have neither your ears nor your taste in music so run the comparo with an open mind and don't put too much stock in other people's opinions. It's your money. Buy whichever sounds superior for the money and be happy with your decision.
I actually compared to 2 for a bout a good half a hour with some of my cds. I brought in Best of U2 and Maroon 5, basically one of my all time favorites and current favorite. I pretty much memorized the specs difference between the 2 before I went in a listen to them. The 705s has a lower frequency extension so on some of the Maroon 5 tracks, it did grab me a little bit more. But when it comes to the U2 tracks the vocals on the 805s really put me in a very relaxed mood. I think at the end of the day, when I come home the 805s with a capable sub can really take a load off my shoulders. But knowing me, more than half of my usuage on the speakers will be movies, so the 805s aren't really needed. The 805s has a wider soundstage and the speakers seem to disappear, where the 705s just seemed to have difficulty doing that. Both me and my girlfriend actually prefered the 805s better, but in our opinion it isn't worth the 25% increase in cost.

Basically what I'm going to end up doing is that, I already have the 601s and LCR600 w/ SVS PCi20-39 right now. My dealer offers a trade in program within a year of purchase. Around June or July, I'm going to trade my 601s and LCR600 for the 705s w/ HTM7. And a year later trade the 705s & HTM7 for the 804s and HTM1. I really prefered the 804s w/ HTM1 combo the best, but I just can't afford that right now, so the 705s and HTM7 is just the in between stage for me while I get better amps and proc. to prepare for the Nautilus range. PM me more if you want more info. Good luck.
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I originally wanted to buy the 700 series, either 704's or 705's, but a long demo at my dealer comparing them to the 805's and 804's proved that I preferred the 800 series.

For rock I initially preferred the 705's over the 805's, as they sounded more open.

But everything else sounded better on the 805's, much wider soundstage and less fatiguing.

The 705's sounded a bit cold and sometimes rather edgy, even on Rotel amps.

So I went with 805's, and later on I moved those to the rear and got 804's as fronts.

I do want to warn you that 805's don't sound all that great when powered by a mid-class receiver like a Denon 3805 or something in that category.

It'll still sound more than OK, but not even close to what the speakers are capable of.

The 705's are better in this aspect, they're easier to please.

In my opinion, 805's require separates (for HT) in the same pricerange as the speakers themselves.

So for stereo, an integrated amp in the $1500 - $2500 price range will be great.

For surround however, the bill will quickly rise to over $5000 or more for a decent pre/pro and a poweramp if you want to get the most out of them.

And don't forget, those 805 speakerstands aren't cheap either but recommended none the less ;)
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Hey Dr. Boom.

Very good suggestions there. As for the speaker stand issue, I bought these from http://www.standsandmounts.com/index...OD&ProdID=1021

They look very much like the Nautilus range at about 1/6 of its price. Very sturdy. I'm sure the OEM stands for the 800s are better, but I just can't drop $600 on stands alone.
Wow, what a great selection of responses, thank you so much everyone for your thoughts....

I agree 100% my ears will need to go back and listen to them.....

I would say that I am about 80% home theatre and about 20% music....I am wondering if that makes a difference in anyone's opinion?
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