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Bye Bye 10ht - Hello?

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So how would the Panny 900 compare to the Sony 10HT? Would it be a major upgrade?
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I am also thinking about upgrading from a 10HT. Honestly I think most people on this forum already have. I will probably wait for my bulb to die, and I have had my eye on the AE900. I am tempted to wait for 1080P LCD, but its getting harder to wait. I have not auditioned the AE900 yet, but plan on doing so after the holidays. Hopefully AVS will have one available to look at.
My Sony 10Ht is sitting in my closet, & I replaced it with the Panasonic 900.

Let me put it this way. I haven't been tempted to pull it back out for another comparison, & I have 119 hours on the Panasonic already!

I believe that the color is much richer, blacks and shadow detail MUCH improved, but detail may be slightly less. (1280x720 as opposed to the Sony's 1366x768.) Also.... the picture is much less digital looking, because of Panasonic's smooth screen technology.

In short, I recommend it.
William, Thanks for the comments. How about brightness? Is the panny much brighter than the 10HT? I was considering the HS51, however I have heard that it is not much of an improvement in the Lumens area.

Do you want to sell your old 10HT bulb?
Yes. The Panasonic does appear to be brighter than my Sony, but my Sony has over 1,000 hours on the lamp, so I would expect it to be brighter. As for "do you want to sell your old 10HT bulb?", no, as the projector would not be worth anything without it. I haven't decided what I will do with it yet.
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