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c-kit installation: 1 oval/1 round dish

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Currently, I have the oval dish pointing at 101 and the round at 119.

If I changed the round to 101 and oval to 119 only, will I receive the 110 satellite in the middle lnb slot?

or does the oval 110 position assume you're receiving the 101 and 119 oval dish signal?

I like the two dish system to maximize signal strength.


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As long as in either location the dish in question can physically see the 110 slot in the sky, it wouldnt matter which slot you were currently using the oval dish for.

In other words if you currently have the oval at 101 you could just add the Sat C lnb to that dish. It would be better though if the oval was at 119 because since you have to combine the Sat C lnb output with one of the 119 lnb's output's, (with the included combiner in the kit) the wiring will be easier. But you could do it the way it is now, you'll just need to make up some extra cables instead of using the short ones that come with the kit.

That said, presumably you will have to add the proper tilt (and perhaps tweak the elevation) to the oval to be able to pick up the 110 signal (as if you were using it for all 3 slots) if the oval at 101 is currently just straight up towards 101 with no tilt at all.

Another way of looking at the theory is yes, if you were only using the one oval currently as most folks do, then the setting you already have it at to receive 101 and 119 automatically means that it's set properly for 110 in the middle slot because it would have been installed with the proper tilt and elevation to be able to see all 3 slots begin with. But when you use individual dishes for each slot, even if it's an oval dish, alot of times they're just pointed dead at the one bird and not set to see more than one slot at a time.

Confused yet? ;)
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