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C1 vs G1 vs A80J HDR Near Black Shadow Detail

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My LG C7 bit the dust, so I'm trying to decide what to get. I've always found the near black shadow detail on HDR to be bad on my C7. Assuming the 2021 OLEDs have better near black shadow detail, is there a winner between the C1, G1, and A80J? I'd be willing to pay more for the G1 if it's better in this regard.
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Have you checked out HDTVtest at YouTube? HDTVtest has a comparison video that compares the G1 with the A90J, which includes a reference monitor and some discussion about how they each come out of black. I haven't watched the newest comparison, but I think forum discussion suggested the A80J and A90J come out of black relatively similarly. I think the C1 and G1 comparison video did not include much near black discussion. I know the C1, CX, and C9 comparison video has a dark scene section.
Are you planning on getting your TV calibrated? According to @jrref (the Calibrator for Value Electronics), the LG's can be calibrated for better near black than the Sony's can and will have better overall accuracy. However, he also says that with the extra brightness capabilities, the picture on the A90J is more "impactful". He chose an A90J for his home. Because my TV will be going into a finished basement where the lighting can be well controlled, I chose to go with the LG C1 (if the G1 came in an 83" model, and I wasn't getting my TV broken-in, QC'd and calibrated before getting it delivered, I may have chosen the G1 over the C1).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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