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Cabinet for Sony KF50W610

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Hi Folks,

Anyone have any suggestions for how high this television should sit off the ground for optimal viewing. I'm currently building a cabinet for mine, and I'm thinking of sitting it at 30" to leave room for components below. I know the custom stand for it sits at just over 15" high. Am I going to be too high on mine? Thanks for your help.

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Mine is sitting on a Techcraft PTV48 stand which is 23.75" high. It is perfectly comfortable for viewing.

I can't imagine 6 1/4 more inches would make that much difference. Especially since our sofas/chairs are no doubt at different heights.

Do you have the TV yet? If so just prop it up on something to mimic the height. If not put a cardboard cut out up on the wall at the proposed height and try staring at it for awhile:^)

Good luck,

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Thanks. I'll give the cardboard cutout a try.
I have a similar set (Panasonic) on a 15" stand. Perfectly comfortable viewing height from my futon. Measure the height of your eyes in your most common seating position. That should be the vertical midpoint of your screen (if you want to be really anal about it).
Vertical off axis viewing is not good with these sets. Sit in the chair/sofa you will be using and with someone else at the projected viewing distance holding a tape measure, judge the height of the center of your eyeballs. If you mount it too high you will need to shim the back to tilt it down. My 42" is 19" off the floor making the center of the screen 39" Distance is about 8'-10' I think 24" high would be about max, 30" way too high.
Try the BDI Axis 8024, which is about 24 inches high. If you want something higher, with an additional shelf, try the BDI Axis 8028.
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