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cable card and cable box on same tv

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I have toshiba 52hm94 and symbio hd recorder but in order for symbio to work I need to set up tv guide to work which is not possible with motorola 6000 series comcast box that I have.

I was told that I could have tv guide working if I was to use cable card instead of cable box.

My question is would I be able to use cable card and cable box on the same tv?
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Not sure if this would work for you but try splitting the cable before Moto box. Take new "direct" cable and plug it into your Ant RF (the other going on to Moto box). Wait 24 hours and see if that populates the TVGuide. This works in some markets (your profile doesn't say what city your in). Worth a shot, especially since it is free (if you already have a splitter and extra length of cable). Otherwise, I imagine you can use cablecard and cable box, you have to change inputs based on which one you are watching (and having to pay fee for card and cable box which stinks!)

Good luck.

I have both a cable card and cable box setup. The HD cable box feeds my TIVO. The TV Guide usually works for a couple of days and then looses the channel info. If I change the zip code info in the setup menu I get the channel info for another day or so. Haven't spent much time trying to get TV Guide system to work.
A good guess attempt would be to split the signal; one to the Comcast box and one to the TV (which will need a cable card). The Comcast box will have to use a video line input to connect to the TV. Some TV sets intentionally turn off the second coax input when a cablecard is used, hopefully your TV doesn't disable the line inputs too, but it might. The Symbio uses firewire from the TV as I see it (quick search on the HD recorder). The HD recorder will probably only record cablecard content since I doubt they would convert video inputs for firewire output (I could be very wrong about that since I am not very familiar with your specific sets)
Thank you for the respones.

I'm goning to try the split and let you know if it works.

I'm from Chicago by the way.
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