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OK so due to a problem with the cable, my DVD recorder and Denon S-101 are dead. I expect a check from the Cable Co's Insurrance Co for about $1000. So I haven't shopped for a mini-system in years and have no idea what to get.

The system if for the family room ( 15 x 22 x 14 ), there is a small (24" CRT TV) which my son watches Noddy on and a Escient ZP-1 fireball, and a new shinny cable box. I am looking for something to play DVDs on, maybe a DVR and a 2.1 system that doesn't sound like crap. I am hoping to do this for $1000 or less.

Another option is that I have a few old AVRs in the basement and could just buy a decent pair of book shelf speakers ( the pair of VOTs I have in storage are right out as are the NAD Model 30 which are sitting in the piano room )

Any ideas?
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