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Cable for my LT-150?

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I've got an LT-150 projector, which has an S-Video, composite, and an RGB input. The RGB input does double duty as a component video in, so long as an appropriate breakout cable is used.

Here's my dilemma - the LT150 is going to be in a hush box on the ceiling, and swapping cables will not be easy. So, I'd like the RGB cable to do double duty as the computer input for video games and HTPC, and also a component input from my stereo receiver (which has component video upconversion).

So... If I get a single DB15 to 3-RCA breakout cable and plug it into my receiver's component out, from what I understand the projector will only resolve component resolutions (480P, 720P, etc). But if I use the connector straight to my computer, I can get a 1024 x 768 output.

So here are the options I'm mulling:

1. Breakout cable from projector to receiver. HTPC goes through a Component converter from ATI, and goes into one of the component video inputs on the receiver. Live with whatever resolutions I can set up that way.

2. Run a DB15 to DB15 cable from the projector, then attach a shorter breakout cable to the end of the extender, perhaps through a VGA switchbox. Then I can flip a switch and get direct RGB from the HTPC, without the component converter required, or flip it the other way and have my projector play all the component sources connected to the receiver.

Any thoughts on these setups? On the one hand, I'll lose some signal through a VGA switchbox (or even just connecting two cables together). But then for computer use I'll have a direct RGB feed to the projector.

On the other, I'll have everything electronically switched, which would be nice, but now there's quite the signal path from the HTPC - PC to component converter, to receiver, to projector.

Am I correct that using a component breakout cable and a component converter from the PC will mean that I have to set the PC to one of the standard component video settings, like 480P? Or can I get a full 1024 x 768 image all the way through the signal path to the projector?

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I've been doing choice #2 for years on the same projector through a $20 switchbox and cannot tell the diference from my seating position. This is your best option. If you can afford a better swithcher, go for it, but it's easy to upgrade that later. I even bought a cheap (but well made) 25' VGA cable off the same guy frm ebay, and it works great. Simply can't justify a $300 custom cable for a $1500 projector, there is not the difference.I'd spend $50 or $100 on a cable, but there are not at that price. Either real cheap or real expensive. The cheap has worked well for me.
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