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Guys, I am planning a Superbowl party. I have a DLP projector. I do not have or know anyone who has a cable box.

It was suggested I output the cable signal to the projector via a VCR box with built in tv tuner. This will look terrible and the VCR unit I have to use does not have coaxial input.

What are other solutions to get an image to a projector?

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I am in Chapel Hill, NC

Time Warner Cable
uPGRADE TO dIGITAL CABLE FOR THE sUPERBOWL, THEN CANCEL. You might want to do the upgrade to "HD cable" to gt a box that is capable of HD.

Your other option could be to get an ATSC tuner box and connect that to your projector.
I assume the projector has at least component or HDMI input. Go for the HD cable box. The cable box might have either HDMI or DVI output. See what it is and plan ahead. Order the cables from http://monoprice.com (lots of arguments here to NOT buy monster cable- search this forum).

You are making an investment in your projector and will need the cables no matter what you get.

You should check your OTA (Over the Air) signal. Buy something with an ATSC tuner (HD) and set it up. If it works, consider keeping it around. If not, be sure you have a 30 day return policy which puts you back to cable-only option. A satellite dish is a lot more risk just for 1 game- you need to install it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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