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Cable Input Has Sound & No Picture

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On Panasonic 37PD25, I am using the input marked TV which is cable direct from the wall to TV. It worked fine for over a year, but now I get sound & no picture. Could I mistakenly changed some setting? Other inputs (component) work fine. Any ideas on why I would see a black screen, but hear the sound fine? Thanks.
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Sounds like something broken in the video output of the tuner.
Some of us had a similar problem with the TOshiba HP95 plasma. It was fixed by unplugging the set from teh AC power, then plugging it back in. It's possible that some signal sent out by the cable co. disabled something in the tuner. Of course, this was only for digital channels using the QAM tuner. Analog channels were still working fine.
Good advice about unplugging the TV set - I will definitely try that.

I did want to clarify - there is no cable tuner involved here - the tuner is in the TV. The cable is going straight from the wall to the TV.

I am also going to try to attach another TV to that cable to see if I get a picture - that will at least let me know if it is the cable signal. Lastly, if I can find them, I will attach a pair of rabbit ears and see if the TV tuner gets a picture that way.

Will report back on the outcome.
Cannot add much, but I'm experiencing with my Pio 5060 via a cable card, a black screen with sound on a HD channels. This happens at least once a night. To get past this, I've found two solutions:

1) Turn off power to the plasma and to the separate media receiver.

2) Enter an analog channel on my remote and them BACK to the digital channel.

This problem started after 6 months of flawless viewing. Needless to say, I'll be investing some quality time attempting to get at the source of this problem.

EDITED AFTER READING GKINMA's response: Good info. The first thing I'll do is to bypass the cable card and use the STB installed on another TV. Thanks for the help.
Yes - the issue I had was also with the tuner in the TV. It has a built-in QAM tuner (used for tuning and decoding the digitally broadcast cable channels). The problem I had was that, one day, the digital channels stopped working. I got sound but no picture on them. Analog channels were fine. Unplugging the tv from the AC power somehow restored correct functionality.

I thought to try this after reading that someone in my area who was using a cable card in their tv experienced the same proble, They were told byt he cbale company that some signal that had been sent over the cable had somehow disabled something int he cbale card. They were told to (somehow) reset the card. I finally figured that unplugging the tv was as close as I could get to that, since I do not use a cable card, just the QAM tuner in the tv.

I hope this helps...
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