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When Time Warner rewired our apartment complex (taking over the service), they only rewired half of the building. I was told that the half I was in was close enough to not require the original (25 year old+ cable to be replaced). Over the years, I have suffered through episodes of problems with Passport (on a variety of brands of cable boxes and Scientific Atlanta DVRs) going into broadcast-only mode. With the conversion to switched cable this has gotten worse with the Mystro software refusing to display certain channels and On-Demand requiring many attempts to get anything to play. The Time Warner tech support said my backward signal was high at 46 for a DVR/cablemodem split and at 43 for a DVR only connection. They said that 40 was the highest 'signal' value I should have. I assume they mean that my Scientific Atlanta DVRs are boosting the power output to overcome a bad connection.

Time Warner sent out the local manager to look at the issue and he agreed that the channel changes should be instantaneous but were taking a very long time for the switched cable channels (if they connected at all). I tried to convince him that the old cable was a bad idea and should be replaced but he insisted that 30 year old cable to identical to modern cable (which I found an insane comment). He claimed that the building has every three floors on the same central box. Has anyone run into this situation? The odd part is that the forward signal from TW is pretty good and I don't really see many digital picture drop outs but the backward connection seems spotty. I looked at the Motorola amplifiers but they all seem to only gain in the forward direction and might even cause loss in the reverse direction. It does seem that the reverse direction is low freq (5-42 MHz) compared to the forward direction. Is it possible that older cable runs don't handle these low frequencies as well as modern cable runs? Thanks in advance for any hints as Time Warner has been pretty unhelpful so far in resolving this.

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