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Cable recommendations 25'

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Sorry if this has been covered. Recommendations for a decent quality sub cable (RCA type) or should I just hit up monoprice? I'm using a monster now but it's too short and need a pair for a set of Empires en route.

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MonoPrice or Blue Jeans...
Monoprice !!

Originally Posted by jpmst3 /forum/post/18113010

monoprice or blue jeans...

25 feet good? I'm considering 35 also so I don't, um, cut myself short.

At which length should I start to worry about signal degredation?
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any well shielded rg6 will be fine. signal degradation isn't the problem, exposure to interference is. stay away from AC power, cross it at 90* if you must, and you'll be fine.

i bought a spool of quad shield rg6, a compression gun, and some connectors (both F and RCA) and i roll all my own cables with great success...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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