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CableCard joint comment to FCC from Comcast, Time Warner, and Microsoft

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Found the following interesting:

Yes, the cable campanies are still arguing to drop / push back the integration ban (nothing new there).

But Microsoft getting so personally involved ... siding with the cable companies ... talking about downloadable soft conditional access solutions ... and integration with other CE / IT products ...

I dunno ... that caught my eye.
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Thanks. This is a very interesting find and great news.

It is further confirmation that MS plans to integrate CableCard handling into MCE2006. Initially this integration will have some drawbacks because of the one-way nature of the current CableCards but MS wants these drawbacks to be shortlived.

Its great to see that top level management at MS and the nations 2 largest cablecos are working together on this!
Also picked up in MultiChannel News (requires subscription):

I'd add that there are some that wouldn't find tremendous comfort in the following three people working this closely together:

Brian Roberts (CEO Comcast, current Chairman of CableLabs through March 31)

Glenn Britt (CEO TWC, incoming Chairman of CableLabs effective April 1)

Craig Mundie (Microsoft Senior Vice President, Chief Technical Officer, Advanced Strategies and Policy)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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