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Cables, Cables, Cables...

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Which cables do I need for my TH-42PD25U/P?

I also have a Motorola HD SET TOP BOX with component hook ups. How would I set this up? I also need audio cables from the STB to my Plasma or can I connect that to my Panasonic DVD/VCR combo then to the Plasma?

Please help!
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Depends on all of the devices you want to hook up and the level of PQ you want. Is your Panny DVD/VCR combo part of a HTIB or a stand-alone unit?
No. I don't have an HTIB. Just the DVD/VCR Combo. I want the best quality connections.
Depends on what output your STB has. HDMI gives you video and sound if your STB supports it, or you can use component from STB to Plasma on component1, and use components from dvd/vcr to plasma on component2. You can run rca cables for sound, or run digital or optical if your dvd and STB can handle it.

I have the same set, and I ran component and optical from STB, then component and digital from DVD to a 5.1 receiver.

Panny th42pd25u


Sony HTW 840 5.1 Receiver
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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