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Cabling AE700

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Hi all. I am a newbie and have recently discovered this and other forums and I would like to thank all of the posters for giving me an unbelievable education in home theater and AV over the past few weeks. Kudos to you all.

Anyway, I have ordered a Pan AE700. I will be building a wall behing the area where it will hang from the ceiling giving me an opportunity to cable without tearing up the ceiling.

Heres the question, actually two of them. I have a digital cable box with DVR that I have been told will have HDMI, playstation 2 for the kids, DVD and possibly a PC that I will be using. What cables should I prewire to take advantage of all of these components?

Secondly, If I purchase a DVD with HDMI, does that change anything?

Thanks in advance

Ron Zweibaum
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not sure if you live in the US but you might want to put that order on hold for 2 more days so you can take advantage of the $200 mail in rebate that starts on March 1st.

as far as cabling you should run HDMI from the cable box, component from the DVD, s-video from the PS2, and vga from the PC. if you have a reciever that supports component switching you could run component from the DVD and PS2.
Cabling is not that complicated. I'd pre-wire all of them.

Pick a spot for your component rack. Make room there for the cable box, PC, PS2, DVD Player and the amp. Run every cable from the back of AE700 to that area. Fortunately there aren't that many. HDMI, VGA, Comp Video, s-video, video.

Run speaker cables through out your room. Later on you will be able to switch things around your component rack without need to rewire.
Yes, I did know about the rebate and thanks for the info. I have a Yamaho 2500 on order and I am not sure about component switching.

Regarding the HDMI, am I correct that you can only run 1 HDMI cable to the projector or is there a coupler of some sort that allows you to connect 2 seperate HDMI cables and then one one cable out to the PJ?

Lastly, and this is slightly off the topic, do the ceiling mounts allow you to somehow mount an electrical outlet on them to eliminate unsightly wire runs to the PJ.

Thanks again

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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