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Cabling for Projectors - Wireless HDMI for sale?

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I have seen all the hype from abt 3 months back. Philips was claiming a US$300 price tag for a 30m range device in May.

It's May now. Anyone know where to pick one up?
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Is coming soon, MSRP price $700
I had looked into this recently as well, but have heard the compression is terrible. Causing a picture to look "DVD Like" when an HD source is piped through it. Granted this from word of mouth.. I have yet to see any of this in action.
Philips has announced an UWB HDMI wireless solution for an MSRP of $299.

I live outside of the US, but am planning a trip to the US next week
I figured it was end of May and Philips claimed they were launching this in May so I was just hoping I could order one online and ship it to my hotel!!

Gefen one is pricey!! But it may well be that the Philips solution is only for ONE unit (second one is another S$299!!)

Anyway, if you guys know where I can order one (with availability), please let me know!
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With HDMI's sensitivity to handshake issues, I can't wait to see how well adding wireless to the mix will work out.

Is it just me, or does the price of these seem about 3-7 times to high? I think that you might have a market up to about $100.
Yeah, I've been waiting for the Philips device too, from thier website looks like it's pushed back until at least July (3rd Quarter)
For that much money, I might wait for the next generation of Tzero parts. And make sure whichever solution you buy has a high quality video encoder and decoder. And I wouldn't count on using the maximum range, or going through a lot of walls. From what I hear, the first gen UWB bandwidth drops off fast with distance and obstructions.
What amplifiers or processors do you guys use? I'm probably looking at a good 30 feet to go from the projector in the ceiling to my receiver.
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