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I'm setting up a X1 projector and I have about a 40ft distance from my X1 to my dvd and receiver. Can anyone recommend some composite cables that aren't outrageously expensive? Maybe s-video is the way to go, but I'm putting in wall plates so this setup can be wheeled in from a cart (the dvd and receiver, not the x1 which will be ceiling mounted) and labled so it can be easily plugged and unplugged from the wall without much knowledge on how to do it.

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#1, use component cables for your connection from the X1 to the dvd.

If the receiver has 5.1 capability, use digital audio cables (RCA or toslink, depending on your receiver's inputs).

As for the expense, what is your budget for the cables. Always budget for your cabling requirements.

There are some sponsors here at the top of the page; Ram, Better Cables.

Folks here also purchase cables from bluejeanscable.com and cablestogo.com
Thanks for your reply.

I will use component and digital audio. Our receiver and dvd both digital coax and toslink. So is a 40 or 50 ft digital coax ok to use?

Our budget isn't very high for cables. If I could get away with $50-$70 for each cable, that would be very good. We're a public library and our budget for these types of thing are not very high.
Take a look at the NXG cables. I have a run of about 30' and they work very well. The are ready made and I have no problems with signal loss or interferance. I have 1 component, 1 Svideo and 1 Composite all 33' long. I also have a 6' Toslink digital cable.

All of those can be had for under $100 for all of them. They are a bargain.

Maybe I missed something, but why do you need a long audio cable? Aren't the receiver and DVD player next to each other?
You know what? I'm the one who missed something! Sorry, that was stupid. Yes the receiver and dvd player are right next to each other. Oy, it's been a long couple of days and I'm over thinking!

Thanks for all of the reply's and pointing out the obvious!:D
The cheapest component cables are to make them yourself.

There are compression connectors and you can buy a compression tool and cutter.

You can use either RG6 or RG59 cables. It's very easy to connect with that type of connector using the compression tool and cutter. http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...number=360-046

That might be the way to go. Thanks!
Is your DVD player a progressive scan player? If not then I believe you will need to use composite or (much more preferrably) svideo as (again I believe) the X1 will only accept 480P or hi-def inputs via the component(via adapter)/VGA input. Additionally if you *do* have a progressive scan DVD player it may still be better to use svideo since you will be using the x1's outstanding line-doubler instead of whatever is in the DVD player.

If you in fact have the X1a then I'll have to defer the discussion to someone else as I'm not as familiar w/ it.

If I've made errors in the above comments then feel free to correct me. I'm going from memory on the subject.

My dvd is a progressive scan. Brand is Integra made by Onkyo (I beleive). And I have the X1 not the X1a. So really the decision is between s-video or component. Any votes either way?

Originally posted by jasboy
So really the decision is between s-video or component. Any votes either way?
No brainer - When I upgraded to a progressive scan DVD player this spring, I did some A-B comparisons for the heck of it between the component and S-video outputs. Component output was noticeably sharper and punchier. It was like wiping smudge off the picture compared to S-video. This is a decent article about component with some background information comparing it to S-video and composite:
Ok.. newbie question here. I am planning on getting a Sony HS51 projector and paring it with a good receiver and DVD player. The receivers I am looking at are models such as the Pioneer Elite 56 TXi & Denon 3805 - DVD player I'm undecided on.

What would be the proper cabling for the above. It seems from what I have read that Component from the projector to the DVD player is best. Where does HDMI, HDCP, and DVI come into play here?
Jasboy - just get some good coax cable; run 3 separate coax cables from your source to your PJ; get those RCA adapters, and use those cables for your component output. Then, use another coax with RCA adapters for your digital audio coax from your source to your receiver/speakers.

Cheap and simple (always remember KISS!)...

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