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Cackle like a witch!

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Hi! I have a 2008 Range Rover Supercharged, and would like to know something... I listen to all sorts of music from piano solo to rock to oldies to pop to rap, in my car, without any distortion. However, when I talk through the Bluetooth that's run through the stereo, it cackles. It has a 710-watt Harman/Kardon Logic7 system (that sounds GREAT!), so I wouldn't like to think it's the speakers. There isn't much treble in phone conversations, so that's what stumps me.

The Range Rover system is:

6- 2 in. mid range drivers

4- subwoofers

4- .75 in dome tweeters
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If music sounds good and voice doesn't, don't you think it might be the bluetooth mic?

Take the bluetooth out and place it on the ground. Stomp on it.

That will fix your noise as well as increase the chance you won't run into me in the road.

Just released Federal testing shows 4 times the impairment over legally intoxicated.

Either that, or we drive as well drunk as we thought we did when we were 20.
How so? The phone without the bluetooth sounds fine, but when the person on the other end talks, it cackles sometimes.

so I wouldn't like to think it's the speakers

How so?
Maybe the internal gain is to high on the phone? Lower it and see what happens..
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Well, I wouldn't like to think it's the speakers because I don't want to take it to the Land Rover dealer and say: "Hello. Please replace my entire audio system. Thanks." (Plus it would take a LONG time. They're slow moving people.) I also think that would decline the value of the car. I'm pretty fast with going through cars, and I'd like to get the new Range Rover when it comes out, so it would be nice to keep the value up.
Ahhhh, when the person talks then there's cackling. Might be either your mother in law or my sister in law.
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