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So I've been searching the past couple of days on this forum and others (Audioholics, Hometheater Shack, etc.) for some information on the Cain and Cain Studio Ben ES speakers. So far, there isn't much by owners and their reviews.

I might be inheriting a Home Theater which includes all Cain and Cain speakers (Ben ES, matching center, surrounds, and sub). I haven't had any experience with them, but do like the way they look (wife loves the look).

They are supposed to be sensitive, so an amp shouldn't be needed to run them. The current owner runs these speakers off of a Integra without any external amp. I would like to replace the AVR with some separates, but have no idea what would mate up with them best. I'm thinking either Marantz, Cambridge Audio, or McIntosh?

Any info. or reviews on them would be greatly appreciated.

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