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Is there a way to calculate keystone ... let me explain what I mean.

I might be forced to raise my screen about 8" heigher than what would be ideal for no keystone correction. This means that once I tilt the projector, the bottom of the image will be less wide than the top. I would love to get an idea of how much less wide it will be since this will give me an idea of how much distorting will happen with the keystone correction.

Btw, this is digital keystone correction we are talking about and this is all in the planning/layout stages, so I can't exactly just shine the projector and measure it. I was hoping that there's some sort of calculator that can be used or some method to calculate this. Btw, here's the rest of the info about the layout. The projector will be 12' 8" from the screen and it will be 17.4" above the screen (vertical throw) with no keystone correction. With the proposed change it would be 9.4" above the screen. The screen size is 106".


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