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After weeks of debating I decided on the HS510 Sony HDTV, and i'm very happy (I had no idea Progressive scan alone was such a big improvement). However I can see that parts of it are not calibrated (especially when its hooked up the computer it is most noticable)

Any Guides out there for calibrating a TV? Should I buy one of those Calibration DVD's or take it to.. well, i'd prefer not to move the 200+ pound beast if possible! hehe

The problem I seem to notice, is the convergence of the 3 colors towards the outter ends of the set (mostly the outter 20% of the left and right side. I take it this can be adjusted, but the service menu is scarry! Its not just the DVI input, I can notice it in games, and movies to some extent.

I've done some color adjusting for the DVI input, but.. well, I need some help. I have written down what I change in case I need to change it back.A

Any direction would be apreciated, a search with the search page produced nothing of value, perhaps i'm not using the right terms.


Searching for Convergience Adjustment I found this program

Which runs at your current monitor resolution (A must thanks to powerstrip), acording this the Horizontal convirgence is horribly misaligned.
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