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Hi gang,

I'd like to try calibrating my projector. I have an older Mac Mini, using Front Row as my media player, and the Avia DVD for calibration. There are some things I that I'm not quite sure about.

I've read that one must be careful using a HTPC for a video source because they use a default color range that is designed for computing, and does not mimic film; specifically, the HTPC should output video using the color range of 16-235, rather than 0-255. How can I do this on my Mac Mini? Is there a specific setting for this somewhere, or do following the steps of the Display Calibrator Assistant make this happen implicitly? I understand the test pattern in this post should be useful to confirm the correct color range.

Also, I've read that the color temperature should be as close to 6500 as possible on the video source, again my Mac Mini. See this article . I do see what seems to be a setting for this in the Display Calibration Assistant in the "Select a target white point" section.

Finally, on another thread here , it's recommended to use a "pluge pattern" and fiddling with the brightness & contrast settings on the HTPC and projector to avoid clipping / crushing intensities. Is this right? Does Avia have such a "pluge" pattern or is this only found on DVE?

Thanks for helping!

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