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Calibrating the Onkyo HTSR800 sub

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Hi all,

I recently bought my first HTIB - Onkyo HT-SR800. I configured it and calibrated using the inbuild Audyssey program. It has configured the speakers as small (which is in line with the dimensions they have given in the manual) and also the cross over at 150Hz. Reading through some posts in this forum, I understand its a bit on the high side.

should I manually override it to be ~80Hz or so. If I do so, it means that the sub is going to get only frequencies 80 or less right ? In that case will the FLC speakers do a good job of handling low frequencies in the 80 to 150 Hz range.

Appreciate your inputs.

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Yes, set the sub/main speakers crossover down to 80hz. 150hz is too high because the sound from it is directional at that frequency.

Yes, the sub will reproduce frequencies below 80 hz and you mains will take over at 80hz on up. Your mains are rated down to 60 hz so there won't be a problem with the lower crossover frequency.

Enjoy you new toy.
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Hi all,

I tried to use the Onkyo htsr800 remote to control the Samsung DTB-H260F HDTV set top box. Anyone has tried this and how to make this work?
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