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Calibration Discs... Which One For Intermediate

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I want to start calibrating my system. I have nowhere near the knowledge of the advanced members but certainly know more than any of my friends and family (Thanks to AVS!)

As far as I know I have three choices. Avia, DVE, or Sound & Vision. I have read user reviews on Amazon about Avia and DVE which were less than favorable for a person of my knowledge level- test patterns with no explanation of their function, poorly organized content, etc. I have also read that Sound & Vision is a bit too much banter, but has good advice on audio setup. Another person chimed in that all the info about test patterns on Avia and DVE can be found on the internet. While that may be true (who has the time?), I think that should be explained on the disc itself.

Am I missing some other choice? I've been reading AVS for about 4 months now, so consider that for what it's worth.

Thank you for your advice,


BTW- Sony KV36HS510
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Good question I would like to know that also? Can anyone chime in?

Thanks to all.
I interested to know this as well??
If I were in your shoes, I'd start with Sound & Vision. That is what I did a few years back and just recently stepped up to AVIA. The narration on the Sound & Vision DVD is kind of cheesy but once you know what you are doing with the DVD, you never have to listen to it again. Navigating to the pattern only section of the DVD is really easy. Also I like the fact that the patterns and test tones auto repeat on the Sound & Vision DVD. AVIA plays the pattern for something like 2 min. and then forwards to the next pattern. You have to keep hitting the back button if you are going to use the pattern or tone for a long period of time.

Sound & Vision also has DTS test tones if your DVD and/or receiver can decode DTS tracks.

Sound & Vision only comes with a blue filter, but if you are just starting out like you say, it will be all you need for the time being. And by the time you have enough knowledge to need the other filters, you will probably also have the knowledge on how to by-pass using the color filters all together and actually turning on only the gun that you need from within your TV's service menu.

Even now after purchasing AVIA, I still use Sound & Vision 50% or more of the time. It is easier to use for quick system check-ups and I like the auto repeating patterns and test tones. It will not advance to the next pattern until you hit forward on the remote.

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Need to stress this. Have used Sound and Vision and Avia. Felt I did good job. Finally forked over $275 to Greg Loewen to calibrate my Toshiba 34HF84. Results proved to me that none of these disks are any substitute for a trained tech with proper equipment. My Geometry and over-scan are great now. Gray-scale is 6500 across. Color and black level outstanding. I figure that none of these sets are cheap. Why should I cheap out now. Greg made the difference between a decent set and a wonderful set!
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