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Hello peole I recently purchased a Sony 40S2010 LCD tv. After some research, I came across a post where the op posted his settings after a professional calibration. Here is what he recommended:

Backlight 2

Picture 85

Brightness 60

Color 47

Hue R4

Sharpness Min

Color Temp Warm2

Noise reduction Off

Advanced Settings All of them off

I tried this and the pq is NOT bad but still not what I am looking for. Have also read a few threads pertaining to this BUT many of the posters were using component cables and were video-gamers. I am using just regular analog cable connect with the rf hook-up and a Toshiba A-1 HD DVD connected via hdmi. Therefore, I want a better picture when watching regular cable tv. The pictuere is fine when watching dvds on my A-1 and I am NOT a video-gamer. Would any of you Sony 40S2010 owners care to share their settings w/me that have similiar viewing habits as I? Post away and help me out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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