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Calibration of plasma connected to HTPC

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I've read through multiple threads on the subject of calibration, but I still have some fundamental questions about how it works when you're driving the plasma with a HTPC. I know a few of you have such a setup (Esben, others), so maybe you can "clear" things up (bad pun, sorry).

My situation is that the HTPC is my ONLY source; I have no stand-alone DVD player.

Specifically: How do I calibrate to Avia using a software DVD player in a HTPC connected to the VGA inputs?

1. Do I make adjustments on the set itself?

2. Do I make adjustments in the software DVD player?

3. Do I make adjustments in the video card drivers? I'm using the Radeon 7500 drivers and WinXP.

4. Do I make adjustments using Powerstrip?

The bottom line question is, how do I know that these adjustments are meaningful, if the picture I'm seeing is produced by software that is itself adjustable?

Finally, are there any ISF-licensed calibrators that are familiar with HTPCs and can calibrate my display and HTPC software? I'm willing to pay someone to do it, if such a person exists.


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These are the basic steps :

1) reset all picture controls to factory default- the HTPC and the display

2) go into the integrator menu or service mode of the display

3)run Avia and make greyscale and other adjustments in the integrator/service picture controls of the display for that input

4)exit the service menu

this way your adjustments are locked into the service menu- you can still adjust brightness/ contrast with regular controls on the display at any time, and reset to your calibrated settings
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