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Calibration of Sony KP-46WT500

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Been reading about how every HDTV out of the factory is completely out of calibration and how content looks so much better after the set has been calibrated. I'm really happy with how my picture looks (maybe I need new glasses?), and am wondering how manufacturers could possibly put out a product that isn't already fine tuned, especially when dealing with HDTV. Does anyone think that all this calibration talk is just talk and nothing more? I would have a hard time forking over $600 (~33% of what I paid in full for the set to begin with) to someone and not see a SUBSTANTIAL difference (~33% better/sharper picture for starters). Please, someone educate me on this, as I'm starting to feel like I may be missing out on some eye-popping content... and just in case... anyone in the N. Va/DC area that does these calibrations and doesn't require my first born for payment....

Thanks, Bob
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Hey Bob!: Nice to finally find someone who has the same set as me. I've tried the search function several different ways but no luck, so I've been pouring over this thread page by page.

Now this is not going to answer your question, sorry; I have a different motive for replying to your post. But I will say I share your concern about paying the big bucks - relative to purchase $ - for calibration when I think I am getting absolutely beautiful HD pictures. SD and DVD's ain't bad either. This is after I played with the Video Menu and set it to my preferences under the "Pro" setting. I haven't seen anything I like better in the store displays. And it's all about being personally satisfied, right?

Just wondering if you use the DVI input, Video 7, on your Sony? I want to hook up my Comcast stb (Motorola 6200) via the DVI port. I already use up the 2 component inputs with my OTA box and DVD player. Actually, the Moto is hooked via component and I have to swap out when I view a DVD. I want to stop that nonesense and take advantage of the DVI. The Moto stb is the only component I have with a DVI-out. I bought a DVI-D dual link cable from Pacific Cable, but I can't get a picture from the Sony. I've tried all the tips and tricks I have been able to find on AVS and other sites (Sony Support, too) but no luck. I just cannot get the Moto to talk to the Sony.

So just taking a shot in the dark with you. Can you be any help with DVI?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only with this TV. Although it sounds like you guys are alot happier with your picture than I. I just removed my anti-reflective screen tonight(piece of cake) and it's the biggest improvement I've made to this thing.

As to your calibration question! If you think your picture is great already then no, calibration might not impress you. My wife couldn't tell the difference when I removed the screen but if you look around forums everyone who's done it gets the WOW factor. including me

Now before you disown Sony keep in mind that your TV has very sensitive guns that are at work and I mean sensitive. Don't you think it's safe to say that they can get a little off from behind bounced around in a truck several times between the factory and your home. That's one of the reasons for calibration, that and electronics will just change(break in) after some initial use and need a little fine tuning.

I had my convergence adjusted and to ME it made quite a difference, keep in mind that a calibration is much more. And BTW flash focus is a joke if you think that gets everything back in line, I've never seen it make a difference in my picture.

And for you ShelbyI use a DVI hookup! I use my DVI with my Motorola Hi-def receiver from Charter cable and have also used component hookup. It is very possible that your cable provider doesn't have it activated on their units. There is a ton of stuff my Motorola has on it but do you think Charter has any of it active ---NO

Mine has 2 firewires ports amongst a ton of other type connectors and none of them are active.

BTW from what I have read and experienced there isn't really a difference between DVI and component hookups, it just allows for another HD input, IMO!

If either of you come across anyone successfully using this TV with a computer could you mention it cuz I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to get Powerstrip to work with mine.
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