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I want to do the simple contrast brightness tint, I have WOW and dvd Ve and DVD avia and the download one from here AVS Hd 709

I have a sony sxrd tv

onkyo 818 which has memory video settings for each hdmi input

directv dvr

xbox 360


HTPC radeon video card running madvr

Do I hook the ps3 or the htpc direct hdmi to the tv and set the tv setting Using one of my setup dvd's

then connect to the receiver and change the settings in the receiver for each input using each device to play back the setup dvd


Or should I connect the ps3 or htpc to the receiver and tune the tv using the discs then tune the other inputs in the receiver memory?

Just trying to fiure out what to use and in what order.

thanks for any help

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Bypass the processing in the AVR, there's nothing there you need or want if you are using HDMI inputs. The ONLY thing the AVR might do better than the TV is upconvert Standard Def sources (SXRD TVs are old enough that the SD>HD processing wasn't very good, but if the AVR is the same age, the AVR probably won't be any better, if the AVR is newer by several years than the TV, the AVR might do the upconversion better).

So you're going to use the controls in the TV for the adjustments. Once you make all the adjustments, recheck all of them as you may need to re-tweak a little (or not) so the order isn't particularly critical.

There's no compelling reason to connect any of your sources directly to the TV. For convenience they can all be connected to the AVR and the output of the AVR connected to the TV. Bypass processing ("Through" mode in many Onkyo models) for all the inputs, except you may want the AVR to upconvert SD>HD as mentioned above as the SXRD TVs weren't particularly good at that.

The PS3 is your most accurate video source, so use that to play the setup disc(s) and use those settnigs for all your sources. If your SXRD model has a Color Space setting in the user menu, set Bt 601 for 480i and 480p and Bt 709 for 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.

The PC is likely to be more "off" than any of the other sources. Try correcting any obvious differences with the PC using the controls in the PC NOT the controls in the Onkyo unless there's something you just can't get right with the PC controls. PCs can be challenging to setup well if you don't understand the differences between 0-255, 16-235 and RGB vs YCbCr.
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