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Calibration Settings For New 24" Monitor HP w2408 ?

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after reading tons of reviews and specs for 24" monitors in my price range, i was between the HP LP2465 and the HP w2408 and ultimately picked the w2408. i missed the glossy screen look i used to get viewing images / photos on my old CRT monitor and never thought the images looked as good on my last LCD monitor so i had high hopes for the w2408 and all it's hyped color features. i got the w2408 a few days ago. the included software only offers calibration for VGA hookups and says none is needed or available via DVI (?).

out of the box it had two bad pixels. before i return it i'm trying to figure out if i want this or another monitor. the w2408 is very bright, even with manual adjustments. it also seems to have a very dominant bright blue shade. the colors are certainly vivid, as it touts, but almost to the point of seeming artificially pumped up. im getting a headache from using this monitor. i cannot seem to find any calibration tips or methods for this monitor online. any help???

the viewing angles are much different from my last LCD which was a non-glossy screen 19". with this one, you pretty much have to be exact dead center to see things properly. is this the case with other 24" monitors?

my biggest complaint is that all TEXT (Word, browsers, Outlook, everything) displays with a weird, slightly shadowy (ghosting?) look that i find really annoying. the look of the text reminds me of the clear-type feature that gets forced on users when doing some updates from windows. i checked and this is not the case here.

i appreciate all your help on calibrating this monitor so i can see it at its best and/or recommendations on models in same price range with better display quality, which is more important to me than features right now. thanks!!
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I just got one of these

while it is a nice looking monitor, the gloss bezel and reflective screen are somewhat annoying

also it seems like it does not remember the ambient light sensor on/off setting?

I have yet to calibrate it: the blues seem way off compared to my Dell 2405

Did you keep yours?
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bump please

this monitor is disappointing in that it loses the saved setting to keep the ambient light sensor on after the PC has come out of sleep mode

I was wondering if anyone else noticed that?
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If anyone can help me on this ambient light sensor it would be greatly appreciated
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If anyone can help me on this ambient light sensor it would be greatly appreciated
I have had the ambient light sensor issue for the past several years. Did you ever find a solution?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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