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Just wanted to make a thread for everyone with an LN-Txx61f with board/firmware 1011/1037 to compare calibration settings with.

Im not too pleased with 1499/Randm's/Googlers settings and I know this set can produce something better!!

Here are my current settings. I used 1499/Randm's as a starting point.

Picture Settings

Mode: Movie

Contrast: 90

Brightness: 44

Sharpness: 25

Color: 55

Tint: 50

Backlight: 5 (6 for more pop in the image)

Color Tone: Warm1

Digital NR: Auto

Detailed Settings

Black Adjust: Off

Dynamic Contrast: Medium

Gamma: -1

Color Space: Auto

Edge Enhancement: On

xvYCC: Off

White Balance

R-Offset: 21

G-Offset: 20

B-Offset: 21

R-Gain: 4

G-Gain: 12

B-Gain: 20

My Color Control

Pink: 25(The pink is set this high to compensate for what I believe is a green push)

Green: 15

Blue: 15

White: 15


Energy Saving: Off

HDMI Black Level: Low

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Well Im beginning to think that with this firmware, this set looks great out of the box.

I just reset standard. The only thing Ive changed is color tone; I set that to normal. I wish the fire in MGS4 wasnt so green though.

Since in it seems that nobody else wants to contribute Im just going to use this as my personal setting blog

Feel free to comment :p

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Here are some new settings for my 61f(1011,1037)

Feel free to try them, they are working great for me.

I just ordered BLURAY DVE, it should be here in about a week. I will post my results when I do the calibration.


Contrast 85

Brightness 54

Sharpness 50

Color 43

Tint G37/R63

Backlight 2(If you want a higher backlight setting; I suggest you lower your brightness)


Dynamic Contrast Low

Gamma -1

White Balance Red off - (15), Green off(11), Blue off(18) everything else default.

Edge Enhancement - ON (well only for games)
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