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I've inherited a home theater when I bought my house and now want to calibrate the picture. The home theater consists of a DVDO iScan VP30 (which replaces the iScan HD that was there) and an Optoma projector. I'm not sure of the model number. Both the VP30 and Optoma have picture configurations and I'm not sure how to set things up for the best possible picture. I have the Avia set up disc.. will that work? And if so, how would I best set up my picture with my given set components? Would I be better off paying someone to calibrate things? I've tinkered with both pieces and am still not happy with the picture quality I'm getting. I think the picture needs deeper blacks and an overall less washed out appearance. But nothing I've tried so far has gotten me my result.

Any suggestions on what I should do next??

Also, if I'm missing any pieces of this puzzle, just let me know.


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