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Hello All,

I found this thread asking a similar question:


But I was hoping to get any more guidance from any of you on how to proceed. My current setup is the following:

Pioneer Kuro Elite 151 FD, with 4 HDMI inputs:


--Cable Box

--Xbox 360


I send Optical Audio Out to my Denon Receiver Pro Logic II which sends the audio to my Bose 5.1 speakers.

I have not yet gotten the TV Calibrated, and am debating the purchase of a new receiver such as an Onkyo, Pioneer, or similar to support the more recent audio standards. Around the same time as this purchase I will probably purchase new speakers as well.

My question is this:

I would think it would be best to have the TV calibrated for each input and this could be accomplished in my current setup, however if I switch to the receiver I will only be using a single HDMI input on my TV.

Does it come down to choosing between getting a receiver to support the latest audio standards and being able to calibrate the TV for each of my video inputs?

Any help appreciated.


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