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Calling all Barco Gurus!

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I've acquired a BD808s and last night balanced it on a couple of pallets to see if it was working / how good it was, etc..

It all works fine except (there had to be a except, didn't there!)

It's reading just over 2000 hrs runtime and appears to have minty tubes but the focus is sooooo soft that even the cat want's to sit in it!

I managed to get a nearly sharp picture by cranking the EM focus midpoint setting to 100% but it's still soft.

Do I need to twiddle a pot or three inside somewhere?

Other than soft, it's a great picture, nothing to complain about.

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Try first adjust focus yoke and magnets, adjustments are descripted in pages 13 and 14 here .
Maybe not FIRST.

Maybe first you check that your actually seeing a problem with electronic focus, look into the tubeface and see if the test pattern is sharp on the tubeface. Maybe the scheimplfluge is snookered ?

If its soft on the tubeface, check your electronic astig and see that it isn't maxed out in a way that will negatively affect your electronic focus.

Did you reset everything to midpoint before you threw up a picture ?
Yup, it looks soft when looking into each lens. I set to midpoint to remove any legacy settings. Data 808s doesn't have scheimplfluge I thought.

I suspect these may be new tubes as they really are 100%. Perhaps they were replaced recently and the tech didn't spend much time doing it? Who knows

Anyway, over the weekend I'll try the mechanical tweak of the neck hardware.

I must say, I'm not looking forward to sticking my hands into thousands of volts - got any suggestions which are the hot bits to avoid?
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A good tip is to put one hand in your pocket and only have one hand inside the projector, that way the current will not go thru the heart if you short something.

The yokes have about 40 volts going through them. NO risk of shock from them.

Heck, how do you think I get my brain started every morning? Stick both hands on the end of a Marquee HVPS and fire the set up!

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Wear a rubber glove..........................
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