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Calling all Marks (D-ILA and component)

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Mr. Foster wrote

It appears as though the RGB signals flow through directly through to the drive electronics, whereas the component video lines flow through a matrix transcoder chip (the AN5392FBQ), as well as through an HDTV Low-Pass Filter!

It's also interesting that there appears to be a bypass around this low-pass filter, though how it's controlled isn't at all apparent from the schematics. Still, this is very interesting, since it suggests that it might be possible to eliminate this problem by changing the component input's filter selector to the "bypass" position!

Just checking to see if we have any progress. This is cut from the "HDTV on Phelps calibrated D-ILA" thread. Since it was 4 pages long, and started out as one subject and then diverged into a second subject, thought I'd create a new topic/subject out of it.

Watched some HD through component inputs this weekend, and it's bad. It's so bad it sucks hard. I'd dump my D-ILA tomorrow if I thought I had to live with this.

So, just seeing if Mark Foster made any headway, and if Milori has investigated further. Note to JVC: Don't ever do this again.

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