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Just bought this receiver and it's a major improvement over my old Onkyo. Got everything working fine (inlc audio off my 780g based HTPC).

Here's a major problem for me.......my display is a 720p Marantz VP4001 projector (with HDMI 1.2) and right now, it's setup like this:

HTPC (HDMI1), XBox 360 (HDMI2)=>Pio AVR=>Projector (HDMI)

Now for some reason, my desktop (set at 720p, 1280X720) is a little blurry. I did not have this issue before when my HTPC was connected directly to the projector via hdmi. It seems for some reason, the PIO is processing the hdmi signal from my htpc, resulting in the slight blurriness
. This is my theory and I could be wrong as when hooked up directly to the projector, there's no issue.

Are there any settings on the Pio doing this? I tried reducing/increasing overscan on the projevtor which actually makes the blurriness worse!

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