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Calling on all Roku Experts

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I have some issues with my Roku Ultra. First, my equipment is a Yamaha RX A3060 - Roku Ultra and a Sony 950h. My set up has all sources going through the Yamaha with 4k rated HDMI cables and one 4k HDMI cable out to the Sony.

When I pull up the Netflix app on the TV it shows various programs available in Dolby Vision. When I pull up the Netflix app on the Roku all shows say HD. I have no idea why this is. When I set the Roku display type to Auto Detect, it shows, it detects 1080p Dolby Vision HDCP 2.2.

When I try to force it to another output, it says it does NOT detect 4k Dolby Vision, and it will Not detect 4k HDR10 at 30fps (This I get, because the Yamaha 3060 can't pass through HDR10.) I can force it 4K UHD and it will display programs in 4k. But when I am finished watching and turn off the TV or whatever, when I activate the Roku again it tries to force the output back to Auto Detect which is only1080p. What am I missing here?
Thanks for any advise.
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On your Sony, did you enable Enhanced feature for that HDMI port?
On your Sony, did you enable Enhanced feature for that HDMI port?

Yes I did, thank you.
I FIGURED IT OUT!! I called Yamaha support and got right through to them. Luck, I guess. When my receiver had the latest firmware update back it December, part of the update was to give the 3060 the ability to pass through HDR and Dolby Vision. But you have to go deep into the advanced menu to change the HDMI output from Mode 2 to Mode 1! I never would've have known that! It's is fixed. The Roku Ultra now detects 4k Dolby Vision!! Score 1 for Yamaha!
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