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I’m a long time CalMAN for Business user. I first bought CalMAN back in 2007 and used it for professional calibration for several years. But now I’m 72, retired, and no longer do any professional calibration. I’m due for my maintenance and support fee of $595 in order to get the latest version of CalMAN for Business. Since I am no longer doing professional calibration, this makes no sense and it seems I could drop back to the Enthusiast license for my personal needs and save a lot of money. How best to do this? Can I trade-in my Business license? Can I sell it? Do I have to have it current in maintenance fees in order to sell it? I have always thought the Business license could be sold, but now I can't find the license terms anywhere on the Spectracal site.


I have asked this question of SpectraCal on their forum, in emails and PM's but have received no official response. 


I understand I could simply buy an Enthusiast license as a new user and I would be switched.  But, I thought I would be able to sell my Business license to someone else.


I would appreciate some guidance (especially from SpectraCal) in explaining what options I have.


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