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I used my new Calman enhanced Spyder3 to calibrated an old Optoma H31 projector. I made a comparison with two other colorimeter tools. There are four charts, each showing RGB and DeltaE as presented by HCFR. The top y-scale is 5% and the bottom y-scale is 2.

Chart 1: Calman enhanced SP3 used with Calman software (data typed into HCFR for consistency) [DeltaE

Chart 2: An old SP2 used in HCFR (not a bad showing for this meter) [DeltaE

Chart 3: A 2nd SP3 for comparision used in HCFR [most readings above DeltaE = 5]

Chart 4: The enhanced SP3 used in HCFR so no calibration table is present. [most readings above DeltaE=6]

Readings below 20% are not very reliable with any of the instruments. However you can see the nice DeltaE for the Calman enhanced SP3 above 20%. It appears that the calibration table supplied by Calman for my new SP3 works very well.

More importantly, the resulting enhanced SP3 calibration looks very good with a movie and has no obvious color variations in the gray scale.
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