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I have heard the newest Cambridge receiver that they have just released. I am not going to a long critque of the receiver but to say that under the conditions I heard it the Arcams were a bit better and the newest 500 and 600 seemed to be much better. That being said I am going to go listen again and hope the receiver is broken in and have them hook it up directly to the speakers with no switchboard. The receiver had a upper mid that I did not care for nor did it seem as natural as I hoped it would based on the reviews of the other gear and the integrated I had heard.

It is filled with nice features and if the amp settles in and improves as it burns in then maybe we have a winner. Has anyone else heard it? I am impressed with the Blue Ray/Universal player they released and I will be getting that. I would say right now I am getting a Arcam 500 bu I do want to give the 650 every chance to impress. If you have heard it does the upper mid range problem exist for you? It was driving Focal 816vs which the Arcam drove wonderfully. I am aware of the problems with the newer Arcams so I am hoping the Cambridge settles in. it is very dynamic but seemed from what I heard more in line with Denon 3898 I want to replace than the Arcam. I would love to go seperates but my better half says no and in the past our home theater sperates have not proven to reliable at all. This is in stark contrast to our experience in 2 channel.

I would encourage people to listen to the 650 and develop their own opinions. it is nice enough as it is that I am sure many of you may will like it but the Cambridge integrated did not sound at like this and if anything was musical so I am a bit lost.
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