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I am in need of some advice...surprise, surprise!

This fall I will be starting a video based club at the high school I teach at. We will be shooting short video clips and interviews. I need to know which camcorder would suit our purposes. I will also need to purchase a microphone and headphones. So I would need a camcorder that would allow for these accessories. Oh and lighting might be an issue so a lighting attachment might not be a bad idea.

My total budget is $1500.

I will also need a suggestion on editing software I can buy. This will not be included in the camcorder budget.

Thanking you in advance!!!

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1500$ is an overkill, anyway can't really help you because we need more details

What kind of video clips will you be shooting other than interviews?

Will the camcorder be used indoors? Do you need a wide angle for class shots?

Will you be using a tripod or handheld? you need decent stabilization if the camcorder was being using hand held (Avoid canon like the plague if you wont be using a tripod all the time, their stabilization is awful)

Anyway for general purpose TM700 (Releasing in march for 999$) is "as good as it gets" the successor of TM300 (Won Camcorder of the year in 2009 by almost every reviewer)

It have great wide angle with powerful zoom/ headphone+microphoe inputs plus F1.5 lens (Better video in low light)

Sony upcoming CX550V is releasing next month too and comes with a wider angle/Low noise in low light and the best stabilization in the industry by far (Panasonic is second best and canon get a 0% when it comes to stabilization)

If you will use a tripod and lighting will be always good in your location HF S100 is super cheap now (699$ with free extra battery+shipping in amazon)

For editing go with SONY Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Pro 9 (60$~ in amazon) no other software edit AVCHD better than sony vegas (all these HD camcorders use AVCHD codec to store the videos, AVCHD is SONY creation so no wonder their software edit it best)

Keep in mind though editing 1920x1080p video is no joke and dual Core 2 is the "minimum" even for playback.

Any quad core will do you just fine (Can buy quad core PC for less than 500$ new anyway)
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