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Subject says it all.. There are some real cheap LARGE tripod screens on eBay .. some are poor quality so they're going real cheap. I wondered if I could grab one of those and "convert" it into an AT screen?

I would imagine that the tension provided by the tripod format would be enough to taut the AT material, but how to do it, will the material "roll well" when in storage (most of it's life it will be in storage, coming out for appearances every 4-6 weeks on average)?

So many questions, I don't even know where to begin.

Up until now my screen consists of a bunch of PVC segments and a MASSIVE piece of felt clipped on to the PVC frame. Felt is pretty good for AT, but of course not so good for image quality.. (but REALLY good on the wallet... 12' x 72" was $15) Would like to step up to something better and more convenient without the big bucks.. Also need something very portable (and storable!)...

Wondered if getting a poor-condition tripod screen and then somehow replacing the fabric (or portions of it?) with some AT material (Dazien isn't too expensive) would be an economical upgrade?

What are NOT the goals:
  • ultimate picture quality (I have a piece of FELT now... anything is better!)
  • ultimate audio quality (but any AT is better than NON-AT)
  • pixelation (kids [ages 5, 3, and 2] don't care, as long as it's BIG and FUN

What ARE the goals then?
  • ease of use (PVC frame and felt take ~20min setup and ~10min teardown-- looking for
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