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I am assuming your are talking about analog cable TV.

Neither a splitter/combiner nor a diplexer (like the ones

used for DirecTV) will work for this. The reason is

that many of the CABLE channels overlap with your regular

off-air channels.

The DirecTV channel with the lowest frequency is way higher

than that of any OTA channel: this is why diplexers work OK

for DirecTV.

There are modulators that allow you to insert INDIVIDUAL

channels, but not the entire signal (which is what you need).

I suggest you buy a dual RG6 cable, tie it to the end of

the already installed Coax cable in your wall and pull it

up from the attic.

I doubt there is a product (within the limits of our cash

pockets, or atleast mine) that can combine the OTA and

cable collections of channel signals and separate them


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Not open for further replies.