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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the forum, just need a bit of help from the experts!

A friend of mine has an older set of speakers she wants to sell.

They are:

Paradigm Phantom v.3 (15-160W) [Fronts]

Paradigm CC-170 (15-120W)

Paradigm Atom v.3 [Bookshelf-Rear]

Paradigm PDR-10 v.3 [Subwoofer]

Under the cover the speakers are in excellent condition.

The cloth covers on the small speakers are a bit fuzzy (just the cloth).

The wood cabinets have a few small dings/scratches on them.

What would this set be worth currently? (In CDN dollars as we are in Canada)

Any help, estimates or opinions would be great!

I am looking to buy these soon, but I dont want to overpay.


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